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Monday, October 01, 2007



M I R A C L E D U R I N G W A K E & F U N E R A L ? ? ? ? ? ?

When Mother Teresa died, I VCR recorded most of the Mother Teresa TV programs as she lay dead. Then I scrutinized the TV programs playing and replaying and replaying them looking if I would find even a single fly land on her dead body. Not one fly did I ever see land on Mother Teresa's body or clothes. Not only that. I also saw no fly land or bother any of the soldiers who guarded and carried her body.

I think, no fly landing on Mother Teresa's dead body in world known dirty fly-infested poor Calcutta, India IS A GREAT MIRACLE MADE POSSIBLE BY GOD!!!!!

Besides, would the devil ever cause flies not to be attracted to Mother Teresa's dead body????

If you don't know it yet, there is a certain type of fly which we identify as a housefly, which is especialized in detecting dead bodies as far as 2 miles away. The moment it detects a dead body, it flies to the dead body, even from 2 miles away and deposits eggs on the dead body. As the days pass, the eggs hatch into larvae or maggots which then mature as the days pass by. Because these flies deposit eggs soon at moment of death, forensic scientists can tell how many days a corpse has been dead just by looking at the maggots and determining the age of the maggots in days.

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