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Monday, October 19, 2009


Stewart Doreen

Agree with Emmitt. You can probably make the case he was better than Aikman.
I would have also moved Irvin ahead of Drew Pearson. Take in everything they did in their career and I don't get how Irvin, a hall of famer, isn't better than Pearson, not a hall of famer and not in ring of honor.
I would have also moved Novacek up.


Glad to see that Walt Garrison made the list. But, seriously, Danny White?

Stewart Doreen

Danny White QBed the Cowboys to three straight conference title games (a Donovan McNabb like effort). His comeback against the Falcons is one of the great come-from-behind efforts in team history. He's deserving.


Danny White's biggest sin was following Roger... but his appearance on the list does mean that Romo has slightly better than a chance in hell in making it.

I waould add that Danny White would never show up at his alma mater wearing a trench coat and backwards baseball cap to accept an award.

John Boyd

It seems like an intentional snub to put Jay Novacek one spot ahead of Jason Witten, then in Witten's bio explain that he had as many Pro Bowl appearances and set the team catch record.

I loved Novacek, but his team has three other weapons that defenses had to game plan for, leaving him against pretty weak matchups in most instances. Witten, on the the hand, is always gameplanned for by opposing defenses because for years he has been the Cowboys only reliable target.


Good points by Boyd. Of course with so many weapons, it would be nearly impossible for Novacek to catch as many passes. It was also a ground-oriented offense compared to the way Romo slings it around.
But I also remind faithful Cowboy fans. When did the Dallas demise begin (when Novacek retired) and what did Troy Aikman never find for the rest of his time as Dallas' QB (another Novacek). Will Witten become better than Novacek who joined Dallas late in his career? Probably, but that doesn't mean Novacek shouldn't be rated higher.


Hmmm....can we just flip-flop Tony & Emmitt everyday? Let one be ahead of the other one day, and then flip 'em the next? That one's too tough to call for me.

On the other hand, Emmitt did win "Dancing With the Stars".


Rayfield Wright lived next door to a woman I was dating in Dallas. Besides being a big honker and a superb player....he was a very nice guy, coming over often to discuss his exploits with the 'Boys.


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