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Thursday, January 13, 2005



Hmmmm... dinner party guests?

Adolf Hitler.
To ask him why and to spread the love like Jesus would want us to. (wouldn't hurt to see what Jesus would have to say to him either)

And how about George W? Aw heck, invite his dad too. Could use some republican presidents to cancel out Mr. Clinton. So long as no one invites Hillary...

And while we are having fun, let's invite the employees of the Florida voting system. And Chad. He would like to come to.

Well, I guess I better leave it there... otherwise we might wind up with Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt and ALL of their ex-lady friends!!!!


I would HAVE to invite Eve...I (And billions of women before me) have a score to settle....


i would invite erma bombeck, who is to me, one of the most down to earth, realistic, honest, and funny women of our time. such a loss....

Dn. Mike

the Blessed Mother...why? Because the Patterson's would run out of wine, make some lame excuse and then try to serve us water...

Barry Pike

Okay...if I were invited, you would probably need to seat me at the card table with the kids. Molly Ivins and Ann Richards both inspire Tourette's-type symptoms in me. Jesus would make it all okay, though. Him being there, in addition to the Patterson's, would prove that I was not, in fact, in Hell, as I might otherwise have been prone to think.

David Reinhard

I agree with Barry, so I'd also be seated at the card table with the children. Whenever I need to elevate my blood pressure, I only need to read the most recent musings from either Molly Ivins or Gov. Richards.


I can't believe you didn't put my name on the list! Just for that, I'm sending Ann Coulter and Michele Malkin to tilt the room back to at least dead center. And I'm going to see your de Niro and raise you a Gibson (Mel, that is; not Hoot...although, now that I think about it...)


Dinner guests? Hmmm.
Jesus and Mr. Right. I'm thinking that it would save me alot of time, trouble, and heartache if Jesus just brought him along with him so I wouldn't have to hurry up and wait anymore. I think it's a fine, grand idea.

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