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Saturday, January 29, 2005


Wallace-Midland, Texas

Donuts are indeed a tough nut to crack....

I'm proud to say that I've been donut free now for over a month. I'm also not proud to say that if someone slipped a dozen T&T's under my front door that I might not at least attempt a bite of one. But thank God I have a young bride who is ever vigilant for me!

I might recommend [occasionally] a fat free blueberry crumbcake from StarbucksĀ©.....especially when slathered in butter they're quite good! No I didn't mean that last part.



Were you really in high school chess club??? ;)

Hmmm... I do not have the donut problem... probably been a year since I ate one... but in the mean time there have been M&MS, reeses, movie theatre butter popcorn, snack cakes, cookies, choc chip cookies, mocha chip cookies, etc.

I have the ULTIMATE advice about the ding dong isle... don't go down it! Better yet... in my attempts to eat healthier, I have learned not to go to the grocery store... over 1/2 the isles are "off-limits." :( There are some tasty alfalfa and cotton patches just outside of town... but you better wait for a rainy down to wash it down! :)

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