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Wednesday, January 03, 2007



Jimmy - I also wondered what to say to my mom on the first wedding anniversary (which was also her birthday) after my dad died. It turned out I didn't have to say anything more than, "I was thinking about you today." She knew why I called. We talked about a lot of things, none of them anniversary related, and it was a happy conversation. I think your dad just wants to hear your voice. It reassures him that life goes on, and you are proof of that.


Pretty sound advice, thank you, Ellen.

Briley Mitchell

I think Ellen offers excellent advice. I talk to my parents every October 19, the day my sister was born, and on November 22, the day she died. I don't have to say a lot, just listen and they do most of the talking. Your dad is very lucky to have a son that cares and is concerned with what to say, shows you love him a lot! Hang in there buddy and you and your dad will get through the pain together, and I know it is still a special day for him.

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