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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Rob O.

I was in the same boat, Jimmy, having never watched Idol before. But I'm hooked on this season!

There are a few good singers amoung the women, including Gina Glocksen, Jordin Sparks, and especially Melinda Dolittle, but you're right, LaKisha Jones was indeed a powerhouse.

I've got high hopes for Sundance Head, Blake Lewis (the beathbox dude), and AJ Tabaldo, who was a big surprise to me. Overall, I'd say that the guys really are subpar when compared to the talent of the women. I wonder if it has usually veered that way in previous seasons...


Don't know how I became hooked, but it's certainly entertaining in a different way that it was during the auditions. If anyone else other than LaKisha wins, it'll be my only time to watch. Maybe. Today it was announced one of the contestants has topless photos posted of her so the AI marketing machinery has kicked into high gear.

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