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Thursday, June 21, 2007



"The server took our order, brought our food and throughout the meal continued to be attentive and courteous...."

That does it, I need to find a Korean woman to marry.

Tom Partain

The statue of liberty was given to us by France.
The statue has nothing at all to do with migration, immigration, or the official name of Illegal Aliens.
You may have heard of the American Revolutionary War. The statue celebrates our victory with a bit of help at the end from France to win our Independence from the rule of Britain and the Church that ruled Britain’s government. (Cite: history class)
Sir, I take offense that you continue to twist Immigrant and Illegal Alien.
"Illegal alien" is the official term in legislation and the border patrol for a person who has entered the country illegally or is residing in the United States illegally after entering legally (for example, using a tourist visa and remaining after the visa expires). (Cite: Border Patrol web page)
Congress often uses the same tag to deceive us about the really serious offense of crossing a sovereign border in war time. I mention war as a Senator the other day said: It was treason to say something bad about the General that is our commander in Iraq. (Censorship) (Cite: Part of the news broadcasts)

Ellis Island (not connected in anyway to the statue other than it is easily seen when arriving by ship) was developed for legal immigrants at a much later date.
We need an Ellis Island on the bordering states of Mexico, West Coast, and Canada.

Also note: The poem at the bottom of the statue was written by a 10 year old immigrant girl of Russian-Jewish decent in the early 1900’s and not legislation.


I've found that people who come to this country so often appreciate it more than people born here; familiarity not only breeds contempt but is contempt.

I have a priest friend in El Paso, whom I still like despite his being seduced by the left, and who has as his parish a humble valley church with a large wall showing the names of people who died in service to this country. They were all first or second-generation Americans. No doubt the military was an opportunity but they did nonetheless appreciate America, having first-hand knowledge of worse places.

They are stories of the American success.

I, looking at things from a slightly different angle, also much appreciate this country and in this too I am a story of the American success.

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