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Tuesday, July 03, 2007



Over the years I have thought the practice of "pull you over marketing" was kind of unique and inventive.

I agree with you that the comments of those spread far and wide across the state which criticize the practice are totally uncalled for.

My real questions are, Why Now? and Why in this Way? The M-Squad has been doing this since at least the 1980s! You'd think the strangeness of it, or the use of law enforcement in this endavor would have been an issue before now.

I think our political affiliations and being the hometown of Bush and Craddick have heightented "Midland Envy and Hate" across the state.

Maybe the NYT's Bush Immigration roots over mexican food at Dona Anita's thing a couple of weeks ago has sparked a series of Midland Hit Pieces.


As if those two are the only two to ever come out of Midland. A bit shallow, 'specialy for big city folk, dont'cha think?


Very shallow.

I say more power to the M-Squad. Every story I've ever read that interviewed the recipients over the decades shows those visitors were truly grateful of our hospitality.

Midland has A LOT to offer, and I wouldn't live anywhere else.

Darrell Ward

Having read the column by the "humor columnist" that started this whole brouhaha, all I have to say is consider the source. A "humor columnist" from the southernmost yankee city in the lower 48. What would you expect? The M-Squad (great folks, by the way) could be emptying dump truck loads of $100 bills from overpasses onto motorists on I-20 and he would find some way to make snide, arch remarks and tie it into Bush Derangement.
Oh, and allow me to add my favorite to the list of famous folks to come from Midland...Wahoo McDaniel, football player,pro wrestler extraordinaire and definitely an underappreciated alumnus of Midland and the Midland school system.


Darrell ... a guy who can't tell a lingerie show from the Hilton laundry room ya gotta kinda wonder about.

Tom Partain

If someone disagrees with MWT editors they are just the Devil. Orr was upset earlier in the year about polls not being answered the way he wanted them to be. And I do not, as one who lives in This Connecticut Kid-Bush country, believe law enforcement should use their precious time on the Chamber of Commerce agendas. I am here and will tell it to your faces.


Hooterville thought their town was wonderful too!!!....I've lived here three different times and 8 other places...and Midland has a number of problems besides poor government, high taxes (34% higher than Dallas), poor medical infrastructure, and just plain ugly...out of 4 different oil companies(you know how they love to merge)..I never met anyone who wanted to move back to Midland

B John

Tom Partain-
With respect to "I do not ... believe law enforcement should use their precious time on the Chamber of Commerce agendas. I am here and will tell it to your faces": this project generally uses officers assigned to community relations-type activities from the PD as well as the SO. As such, it does not take officers off of the street. And I'd be glad to explain that to you in person also, just come by 400 S. Main sometime!


we have too many police now...we've given up on the war on drugs, we can't stop the terrorist, we can't stop the illegal aliens, so we now do what we are qualified to do....click it or ticket...and we spend millions advertising it...so don't need the number we have now

cindi m

Apparently Dale hasn't met the right people....I, for one, moved back by choice over 30 years ago, after graduating college.....My brother-in-law, a Houstonian, chose Midland over others after his stints in Houston, Dallas, Tyler, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia....and if you need more proof - go visit a meeting of the newly-formed YPM group of Midland (Young Professionals of Midland)-- a group of 20-somethings that happen to love Midland, and heaven-forbid, many chose to come back after college, and time in the big city! It may not be for you, Dale, but for many, "there's no place like home".

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