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Tuesday, August 14, 2007



Welcome back! I'm so glad to see you survived! I thought of you many times this past week, hoping you hadn't yet ended up in a corner in the fetal position with uncontrolled ticks and twitches.

Congrats on such an accomplishment...how did they ever survive in that Little House on the Prairie? It boggles the mind.


Hey Trish ... thanks for re-upping, as it were. I am out of the corner but have not yet succesffully escaped the t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-icks and t ... .. ... witches.

Come to mention it, that girl who played Nellie always seemed to me like someone had taken her cell phone away and that's why she was so mean.


Oh. so you're not going to work for a scissor lift company.

And I thought I had you pegged!


So......since I see you didn't give up TV, we can assume that you just stayed home and watched Andy of Mayberry reruns??


No, Wallace ... I prevented myself from watching television shows where they had progressed technologically to the point where on the show they had operators named Sara and party lines.


Interesting experiment, although I'm not sure about the implications. Why not go a week without using toilet paper, velcro, nitrogen atoms, or corrective lenses?


Eric ... you're on. You do the toilet paper. I'll do the velcro. We'll make it a contest.

American Jenn

Next time, try two weeks. I bet that will cure what ails ya.


What am I crazy?

D Benton

I could go without the internet
for awhile (unless my son was driving home from college during thurderstorm season or winter and I constantly pull up the radar from here to Amarillo)...but e-mail...NEVER. E-mail is ice tea for the brain!
By the way...your reference to Nellie from Little House...when I was 15 I thought she was h-o-t. What can I say, my taste in women have always been eclectic. (I even liked fat Valerie Bertanelli. before she joined the weight loss plan--I would have bought her a 'blizzard'
and ben happy!)

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