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Tuesday, August 21, 2007



Looks like you got a fish in there too, bro.


Yeah, well, the fish is an optional thing, smart guy.


First cucumber looking fish I've seen.


Now ... see ... here I am trying to make a recommendation and you people are out there are makin' cracks about a reflection that looks like a large mouth bass in my cucumber water. Now, nobody's even gonna try it because all they'll be ble to think about is a fish crawling around in their cup.

Papa Ray

Jimmy I hate to tell you this, but when I was a boy a hundred years or so ago, my Mama used to get ice trays, cut up cukes in one, cantalops in another, watermellon in another...well you get the idea, fill them the rest of the way with water, freeze and then us kids would drink our water and eat our fruit.

She even put cherry tomatoes in them, but they never went over too big.

Back then, with no airconditioning, save mother natures breezes, they really hit the spot.

Papa Ray
West Texas


Ray: I'm not surprised it's been around a spell. It's just new to me. And I hadn't seen anybody else blog about cucumber water, so I thought I'd be the first :) Don't tell me somebody else has already blogged about cucumber water?


Ray ... I bet your Mama didn't put trout in your cucumber water ... :)

Papa Ray

No Jimmy, I don't think I remember seeing any other blogs about cukes. Well, in water anyway.

We never lived anywhere there were trout nearby, but she made me the official catfish skinner.

I had my own pair of pliers, dedicated to the job.

To this day, I hate skinning cats, but love eating them.

Papa Ray
West Texas


Luckily I have an in-house reverse osmosis water unit to try this with. If I were to try it with Midland city water I'm afraid I would not be able to tell whether the water had a cucumber in it or not, because the water out of the tap looks like it has assorted vegetables already in it..if algae and pond scum count as a vegetable?


OK, I put the cucumber in the water, stuck it in the fridge to get cold, took a great big drink (of chilled pinot grigio)and you're right...it tasted real good! My thirst was quenched!

I'm sticking with the wine. Cucumbers repeat on me.

D Benton

Combine a cucumber and a lime and you have lumber water??????
I think I would rather dip a hot dog in water like world champ eater Kubioshi does. I am trying to be healthy, however, so it would be a fat free whole wheat bun and fat free ball park frank.
I just hope this cucumber stuff is a phase..otherwise you will probably write about touring a cheese factory in Dallas next.... sheesh


Me tour a cheese factory? Ha! And the Rangers will score 30 runs in a game someday.


So, which bet, exactly, did you lose?


You might fix the typo in the post. you said But, but you meant Put.
Other than that, can't wait to try it.

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