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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Gringo de la Americano

Boquillas, one of billions of sad stories in the world
Sticky Door Knobs has many sad Mexican stories. A human interest story is usually of interest to most readers, but do they all have to be connected to Mexico?
The author has about 4 or 5 web spots and uses them for Pro-Mexican activism. It is an unbalanced situation and very annoying when the majority of Americans want less of the things connected to Mexico.


Vaya con dios, Gringo de la Americano. Vaya con dios.

Cowtown Pattie


As someone who has met Victor personally, this story strikes a chord in my heart.

It is so easy to paint an faceless swath of humanity with a broad brush of a single color; it is when you use the finely defining brushstrokes of a real artist's palette that things take true shape, definition and color.

I love it when you paint words using a Number 2 brush.

"Those people" are suddenly harder to demonize when you become acquainted with them on a one-on-one basis.

Thank you for introducing your readers to Victor.


I have known Victor for 27 years; he is the most honest person I know, an extremely admirable man. But Victor was not a particularly unusual character in Boquillas; he was more gregarious and spoke better English, but everyone else in that town was just as honest and friendly. The same was true in the Chihuahuan town of Santa Elena. Now they are scattered across northern Mexico and the Big Bend in Texas, families separated, children living with distant relatives, husbands and wives working where they can sometimes 100s of miles (and an International Border) apart. This is not a sad situation, it is criminal. If you visit Boquillas Canyon, please be one of the 'nice people' who leave $20. Victor and the people in Boquillas are worth much more.


I have as an acquaintance a long time border patrol agent who worked the Big Bend Region. When 9/11 came, and they closed all the non-regulated crossings, he was dismayed at the level of bureaucratic idiocy that created the problem we now have in Boquillos, La Linda and Lajitas.

Government, when it regulates large and diverse areas, lacks common sense and judgment.

Big Bend will never be the same if Boquillos becomes a ghost town...I wish the remaining inhabitants well.

carlos velez-ibanez

Anybody recorded Victor? I would like to hear his voice. Es la voz de la genete no de gobiernos.


eric a. garcia

>Anybody recorded Victor? I would >like to hear his voice.

I heard about him on NPR All Things Considered and they recorded him. You can find it online @ http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=17709267&ft=1&f=2

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