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Friday, October 26, 2007


Cowtown Pattie

Jimmy, glad to be a part of your Christmas Mountains blog post!

Let's hope someone in our illustrious state capitol gives it a read!


If we keep turning things over to the government, what's going to be left?

If dailykos.com is on a particular side, I will be on the other.

If the state wants to turn land back to private citizens, that's a GREAT thing! It shows that somebody gets it...the government is our servant, not the other way around.


Only in this case if you leave the land in the hands of the park service, it becomes the people's land. If you sell it to a private interest, it becomes a person's land. There's a distinct difference in this case.


Unfortunately I don't currently have a link to my journal at the prairie point main page. Readers can link here instead.



Turning land back to private citizens is a GOOD thing. The government already has it's hands in too many pockets.

I understand the sentiment to make the land "public". I sumbit that in today's world, having the government involved is a bad thing.

Steve Orrange

I have to side with Patterson on this. I put the 2nd amendment and private property rights above government (public) ownership. Private lands are generally better cared for than public lands as the private owners have more at stake than government b'crats

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