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Thursday, May 08, 2008



The tipoff is that there was no eight figure sum of US dollars that they wanted to put into your bank account.

But seriously, Grandecom may have an anti-fraud email address where they would like for people to send these so then can try to track down the culprits.


The problem is that, increasingly, many computer users are not as well educated as you are and ESL computer users, with mediocre English grammar skills, might not pick up on these incorrect grammar clues. I know my Chinese friends with their new computer couldn't. That's why spammars continue their trickery -- it sometimes works.


Peggy, thanks for that, it makes unfortunate sense.

George ... I'll look into forwarding this to Grande today, you're right. Interesting, thorough, good trial coverage, by the way.


What happened when you sent your information in??

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