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Friday, June 20, 2008



I have pondered this very same question two nights, or more, in a row. The answer lies in theology. God has ordained that if we have $140 oil, then we shall be condemmed to die of thirst.


(From Wallace's followup to the Norman Vincent Peale bestseller, "How to Win Friends and Influence People."

Cowtown Pattie

Very cool photo!

Darrell Ward

Given my multiple years of sterling accuracy in weather forecasting (ahem), I'm convinced there is indeed a mystical, invisible dome of dryness over Midland.
I have spent many an hour watching the doppler as storms come our way, only to split and go around us, and then reform on the other side of the city.
Why is that?
Perhaps there are evil weather gnomes bent on making our fair city dry up and blow away.
Perhaps Wallace is right. Maybe there is a theological foundation. Maybe we're just not living right. Rain prayers never hurt.
Seriously, it has been an interesting phenomonon to watch. (And when a weather person says "interesting", watch out!)
Mayhaps it will finally go away and we'll get back to our usual, semi-arid bliss.
I certainly hope (and pray) so.

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