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Friday, July 11, 2008



Good luck, Jimmy!
I'll stop by like I did last year, however, let's start hoping now that you don't get the rain like last year! :)


Will the guest blogging quarters be air conditioned? Who is doing the food service??


Cindi Thanks, I look forward to seeing you again.

Wallace: Gust accommodations provided by Museum of the Southwest. I have food services being handled by Big Gold Dog Catering, You know they are?

Retired MSgt

Jimmy, if you put on a dress........they will come......


I just know this is going to be loads of fun. As a newspaper man you are probably used to doing all-nighters. But I sure am grateful you put the guest bloggers on a tag team schedule.

You are "negotiating" with others? Dang. Hey Wallace, we gave in too soon. We should have held out for a free What-a-chicken.


You don't want to know what he's giving me to come out into the public and blog. :)


Ospurt, I didn't before. But I sure do now!

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