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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


The Scarlet Pumpernickle

But don't you mean two years and not four, Jimmy?


I think it's a matter of frustration. If the major media outlets would do their jobs and expose the flaws of all candidates equally and fairly, then I think people would not feel like they need to circulate those flaws to people whose only source of news is the Enquirer.

Steve Drummond

Excellent Jimmy. A majority of my disagreements during the campaign were with people with whom I agree who sent me e-mails filled with half-truths and outright lies. I did my best to stick with the issues and the candidate's positions, but some of my friends seemed more interested in spreading gossip.


Jimmy, the same with my snail-mail box at home! I have gotten more mailings from Tom Craddick the past two months, than I have gotten in the past two decades! I blame Bill Dingus for that! :-)


SP ... sadly you're right.

Craig .. Your mama told you about what two wrongs don't make, I'm sure of it. So, take a bold step...do the right thing....don't add to the problem the media creates by doing what they do. Fix it. Do something positive.

Steve ... OK, we're up to 2.

Jeff ... three. We have a grassroots thing going.

Chris Clark

I'm in 4th in Fantasy Football up from 7th last week...finally got all the bye weeks behind me. I think I will finish strong. I have by far the most talented team, just need them to perform...similar to another Dallas based football team

I am still a 20-something handicap. But broke 90 last time I played...

And I agree...sometimes it is too easy to hit the send button...Emotions run high this time of year, I delete most all political emails I get unless there is a personal message from the sender. But there are still lots of ways I could improve, including rebutting emails I dont agree with...Count me in...

H. Patterson

Excellent points Jimmy, however any real changes will have to start with the candidates. HLP

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