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Wednesday, March 18, 2009



That movie was great. Until Clint Eastwood sang on the credits at the end. Sorry that ruined it for me.

Rob O.

Heartily agree!! Dede & I snuck away to see this about a week & half ago and it was great! Clint continues to craft antiheroes that you love in spite of however unendearing they may be. Walt is menacing, but in a different way than Clint's previous characters. It's a masterful and thought-provoking performance.

"Gran Torino" is another in a string of excellent films from Clint. I'm still floored that Spike Lee would accuse Clint, of all people, as being racist:


My only criticism - and it's trivial at best - is that Clint chose to sing the end credit song. Clint's a talented jazz musician and composer, but nobody would argue that he's got a voice for singing...


I've been an Eastwood fan for a looooong time. For now, my favorite performance by him was the old sergeant in "Heartbreak Ridge." I thought the movie was okay, at best ... but his performance? Wow! I could've sworn he was chanelling the spirit of my father, a retired Seargent Major of Marines.

Definitely tiome for me to go see "Gran Torino."


Clint likes to do it all. The movie hit home with me , and I felt Clint could afford a singer. But it sure did not ruin the movie for me. The best played message movie that I have seen in years and years.

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