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Monday, April 27, 2009



After watching the Today show this morning, I was more worried about contracting swine flu than about the final I was headed to go take... but maybe I was praying to get a rapid onset and even faster recovery in order to skip out on the final-- how bad can swine flu be for 2 hours? ;)


I think what JennP has is called the WHINE flu. And after finals it will be called the WINE flu.


Someone at a twitter page somewhere jokingly suggested we change the name of the Swine Flu to Mexican Influenza to be sensitive to those Jewish and Muslims who may contract the disease.

What, Jenn whine? Ha.


I just hope that the WINE flu doesn't have a sudden, unexpected onset!! If we change the name of swine flu to Mexican Influenza then we need to change the name of our red and white blood cells to Native American blood cells and Caucasian blood cells just for that added PC... I'm tellin ya, that political correctness really gets ridiculous sometimes!!

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