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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Steve Drummond

Amen, Jimmy

John White

Silencing of The Lamb?

It been attempted several times through the ages. Just a different cast of characters. There will come a time when the Silence will become deafening ,.....and that will be all she wrote! Game and Match Over!

Keep the Faith Brother.


She should have her crown taken from her more for the lies and attempted cover up of the nude photo's that were taken of her. I would think that lying would be the worse sin. Also is vanity surgery (breast augmentation) mentioned anywhere in her religion?


I agree that several media outlets have treated Ms. Prejean unfairly, as, like you said, she has the right to stand up for what she believes in. However, I do think she misspoke when she said, in America, people can choose gay marriage or traditional marriage. If Americans (in more than a handful of states) could legally choose gay marriage, this wouldn't be such a timely and controversial debate.

I don't feel that my support of gay marriage equates to non-support of "traditional" marriage. I am, after all, a woman married to a man. I don't understand how the marriage between two other consenting adults could lesson the sanctity of the marriage between myself and my husband.

While marriage is a religious rite, it also is a legal contract allowing specific benefits and rights to the couple. It doesn't have to have anything to do with religion. I feel sure if gay marriage is legalized, the law will not force churches or clergy members to participate in the ceremonies.

On a more personal note, I have several gay and lesbian friends. They meet people and fall in love just like everyone else. Why are we up in arms about two people wanting to love, honor and cherish each other?

Respectfully disagreeing ...

Steve Drummond

I understand the alleged "nude" photos were actually photo-shopped by someone else and that she had nothing to do with it.


You are fighting for Christ and have a high position at MRT and I assume with strong influence on MOF and MWT.

I just want you to know that Josh at MOF unjustly unjustly unjustly expelled eurasian from Church Forum because eurasian showed a great potential job with high pay for Colcaf's nephew/niece who has no legs and no arms.

If you convince Josh to put back eurasian, eurasian will be able to fight for Christ at MOF


Megan: Age old debate, unwinnable here or anywhere else probably and I certainly agree with your thinking the way you want to think. It just strikes me as odd that we have started messing with stuff that someone bigger than us handed down. I mean he spontaneously combusted a bush right before the lightning bolt came down and he used it as a pen to inscribe a rock with what he thought we might oughta do (and I know marriage between a man and a woman isn't a commandment). But my issue isn't with who you marry, but someone's inability to voice a traditional belief without the wrath of us lesser gods. It's the whole basis of why we can't move the country forward: because we don't listen to the other person's point of view, we're too wrapped up in what we're gonna say next. People just don't have respect for the other person's opinion these days.



In Zodom and Womorha, the males were azzexually doing to each other what your gay male friends are azzexually doing to each other and the women were azzexually doing to each other what your lesbian women friends are azzexually doing to each other. You want God to do to California or to do to the world what God did to Zodom and Womorha? You remember the fiery 21 asteroid fragments salute God sent crashing on Jupiter?


It is also equally sinful and offensive for a person to be having sex with somebody who is not his or her spouse.

And now in USA, non-married teenagers having sex with condoms and some people having sex with goats and others with vegetables? And others divorcing and remarrying HO HO HO HO. The Bible says you are worse than prostitutes. A prostitute at least charges. In your case you give it free. Hope God does not send a much more deadly strain of H1N1 variation!!!

As for Donald Trump, he took the crown with the words, You're fired. So what, Donald?

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