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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Jen W.

I hope your puppy is ok! :(


Jen ... not so far put thanks for your concern. I think he'll be fine
soon. Just can't figure out what the deal is.

John White

I believe Brian has some serious competition ( Chris Mathews ) when it comes to lusting after the O-Great One. Sure would hate to see this situation deteriorate into a jello or mud wrestling contest between vying journalist. Of course it would end up on Fox News or PAY FOR VIEW.

In regards to the pick-up truck blowing into the front yard. I know a few East Texans who think that would be a major 'windfall' as compared to the vehicle that is already sitting atop of cinder blocks near the entry way.

I drink Smart Dr. Pepper!

I don't think that 'taking one for granted' is soley the domain of our beloved pets. Our fur bound companions surely leave a large void to fill when their lives are completed.


Smart DP? I didn't even realize.

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