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Thursday, June 04, 2009



Jimmy, maybe it will become an alternative to that perrenial, the "Craig Shergold-World Record" story ... somewhere, there IS someone who STILL doesn't know, and is - at this very moment - sending a Christmas (or business) card to that poor little boy who wants to set a world record before he dies.

Darrell W. Ward

Oh gosh! You mean my teevee's not gonna work after June 12th? How come nobody told me?!?!
And hey, I just sent a Christmas card to that sweet little fellow who's trying to set a world record before he dies.
Oh, and I'll be rich soon too. A Nigerian prince's wife is having me help get all his money into the US!
And those two monks in the Alps are great guys too!
Okay, enough goofiness. If somebody reading this REALLY doesn't know about the change to digital broadcasting they can contact any local TV station for full details on what's happening and what they'll need to get the on-air signal. Folks with cable or satellite tv don't need to worry.
Oh, and it's going to be hot with a slight chance of storms today and tomorrow. (Old habits die hard.)

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